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Date: Tue, 31 Dec 1996 15:27:22 -0500 (EST)
From: Gregory EISENBERG 

Anyway the piece is pretty straight foward, of course listening 
to it over and over will help.
The * is just to show you that the verses are almost the same,
    except the line marked with the *
The ** means this chord is played in a bar with a funky meter
    probably somethig like 3/8 but I am not totally sure. 

Also the outro I am not completely sure of, but I think 
    I am close.

Unbroken Chain
Am           C

Dm          F
Blue light rain,
Csus4           C
well unbroken chain,
Am             Eb      *
Looking for familiar faces
F       Em        G       C/G  G     Am      C
in an empty window pane.

Dm            Fsus4
Listening for the secret,
Csus4         Am
searching for the sound
C        G/B                Am
But I could only hear the preacher
G                     F           Em    G  C/G G
and the baying of his hounds.

Am        C

Dm        F
Willow sky, woh,
Csus4           C
I walk and wonder why,
F               G          *
They say love your brother,
F       Em              G       C/G  G     Am      C
but you will catch it when you try.

Dm                 Fsus4
Roll you down the line poor boy,
Csus4          Am
drop you for a loss,
C           G/B                Am
Ride you out on the cold railroad
G               F           Am
and nail you to a cross.

||:  G    C    Fsus4    F  :|| 4 times 

Am         C

Dm        F
November and more,
Csus4           C
as I wait for the score,
Dm7              Cmaj7       *
They're telling me forgiveness
F       Em          G       C/G  G     Am      C
is the key to every door.

Dm             Fsus4
A slow winter day
Csus4               Am
a night like forever
C              G/B            Am
sink like a stone,
G             F        Em     Dm     C  Dm   
float like the feather.

||:  G    C    Fsus4    F  :|| 4 times 

Cm7    Fmaj7     Dm7     Em**  G   Gsus4  

Cm7          Fmaj7
Lilac rain, unbroken chain
Dm7                 Em**  G    Gsus4
Song of the Saw-Whet owl.
Cm7                   Fmaj7
Out on a mountain, it'll drive you insane
Dm7                   Em**  G     Gsus4
Listening to the winds howl.

Cm7                 Fmaj7
Unbroken chain of sorrow and pearls,
Dm7                 Em**          G   Gsus4
Unbroken chain of sky and sea.
Cm7                 Fmaj7
Unbroken chain of the western wind,
Dm7                 Em**           G        Am/G    G
Unbroken chain of you and me.

Outro:   A7      C         D9        Cmaj7        D7      Gsus4
         Bm     Em      C           Em            Bm      G
         A        Em   (or something like this!!)
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