Grave - Day Of Mourning tab

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Grave - "Day Of Mourning" (From the album "Into The Grave" and
a demo verson on the EP "...And Here I Die...Satisfied")

One of the best death metal bands out there! "...Grave" is heavy
as hell, "You'll Never See..." LP is great too, so is the EP.

Drop guitars to C G C


E ------------------------|B ------------------------|G ------------------------|4C -11-1-0---0-11-1-0-1-3--|xG -11-1-0-0---11-1-0-1-3--|C -11-1-0-----11-1-0-1-3--|
E --------------| ------- ---------|B --------------| ------- ----------|G --------------|8 (bass) ------- (bass) ------|C -----0--------|x -/x\-0- -/x\-----|G ---0----------| -/x\-0- -/x\------|C -0-----0-1-3--| -/x\-0- -/x\------|
E -------------|B -------------|G -------------|2C -0--8--4--6--|xG -0--8--4--6--|C -0--8--4--6--|
E -----------------------------------------|B -----------------------------------------|G -----------------------------------------|C --0000000000000-1-3-000000000000000-3-1--|G --0000000000000-1-3-000000000000000-3-1--|C --0000000000000-1-3-000000000000000-3-1--|
E ----------------------|B ----------------------|G ----------------------|C --0000-7777-11111111--|G --0000-7777-11111111--|C --0000-7777-11111111--|
After 2nd chorus:
E --------------------------|B --------------------------|G --------------------------|8C --------------------0000--|xG --------------------0000--|C --0-1-3-4-3-1-0-1-3-0000--|
E -------------------------|B -------------------------|G -------------------------|4C -------------------------|xG ---------0----------1----|C --0-00-0---0-1-11-1---1--|
E --------------------------|B --------------------------|G --------------------------|8C --------------------0000--|xG --------------------0000--|C --0-1-3-4-3-1-0-1-3-0000--|
(repeat verse & chorus)
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