Graveland – The Gates To The Kingdom Of Darkness tab

'The Gates To The Kingdom Of Darkness' by Graveland (from 'The Celtic Winter' NC001)

Note that there have been a re-release and a re-re-release of 'The Celtic 
Winter', and that the version of this song on those releases are different, 
as well as the version on 'In The Glare Of Burning Churches'

Normal tuning (EADGBe)

Intro, w/clean guitar 2xe|-------------------------------|B|-------------------------------|G|-----5------9-------7-------10-|D|---7------7-------7-------7----|A|-0------0-------0-------0------|E|-------------------------------|
Then it goes into normal chords 6xe|-------------------------------|B|-------------------------------|G|-5------9-------7-------10-----|D|-7------7-------7-------7------|A|-0------0-------0-------0------|E|-------------------------------|
Let ringe|---------|B|---------|G|-9-------|D|-7-------|A|-0-------|E|---------|
Riff 1 4xe|----------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------|G|-9----9---9-\-5----5----5-/-9----9---9-\-7---7-\-6--|D|-9----9---9-\-5----5----5-/-9----9---9-\-7---7-\-6--|A|-7----7---7-\-3----3----3-/-7----7---7-\-5---5-\-4--|E|-7----7---7-\-3----3----3-/-7----7---7-\-5---5-\-4--|"AAAAHHH........"
Riff 2a, these are just the chords, figure out the timing yourselfe|------------------------------|B|------------------------------| "I came, led by the starsG|-9------5------9------7---6---| Spirits of the damned draw me nearD|-9------5------9------7---6---| Mayhemed winds showed me the wayA|-7------3------7------5---4---| And now I stay here, born from the wolf"E|-7------3------7------5---4---|
Riff 3 8xe|-----------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------------------|D|-3---3-3-3-3-3---3-3-3-3-4---4-4-4-4--4--4--4--|A|-3---3-3-3-3-3---3-3-3-3-4---4-4-4-4--4--4--4--|E|-1---1-1-1-1-1---1-1-1-1-2---2-2-2-2--2--2--2--| < < <
Riff 4, same goes here, these are just the chords.e|------------------------------------2xB|--------------------------------------G|-------------------------------------- "Scream of pain sounds in DarknessD|-7--------8----7----8--------7-------- I draw my claws in wall of fogA|-5--------5----5----8--------7--------E|-5--------5----5----6--------5--------
------------------------------------2x| --------------------------------------| --------------------------------------| I scrape, scream, blood covered my scars -6--------7----6----7--------6--------| my fangs tear the gates to Abyss -4--------4----4----7--------6--------| -4--------4----4----5--------4--------|
Impure spirits, you showed me the way And now my blood becomes the key / I open this last gate The Gate To The Kingdom Of Darkness" Play riff 3 8 times Play riff 4 with lyrics: "Black wind of the dead Inflamed my eyes to red My brothers, wolves, servants of the night They came from the forest Burning eyes among the Darkness Jaws thirsty for the blood, raised to moon / Hatred, longing and fear This is the last night and the dawn will never come" Play riff 3 8 times
Riff 2b, variation on 2a, again just the chordse|--------------------|B|--------------------| "Curse me, my brothersG|-9--------5---------| Because I lead you to deathD|-9--------5---------| Salvation for mayhemed soulsA|-7--------3---------| Souls of sons of the night in wolves' bodies"E|-7--------3---------|
Play riff 3 8 times Play riff 2b w/lyrics: "We've been always and we'll be forever Tonight we'll die and the next night we will come from beyond the gates of Kingdom of Darkness" Play riff 1 Play riff 2a w/lyrics: "Gods of Darkness, awoken by our sacrifice Beats of gloom, spirits of fear Triumph of unlife's Powers Banners of the dead smeared in blood ! Black is the ultimate colour Darkness is the only end Evil is the right reaction Death is the only mercy..."
Ending, let ringe|----------|B|----------|G|-9--------|D|-9--------|A|-7--------|E|-7--------|
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