Graveland - The Night Of Fullmoon tab

'The Night Of Fullmoon' by Graveland (from 'In The Glare Of Burning Churches')

Normal tuning

Riff 1 4 timese|-----------------|B|-----------------| "Pagan country in the moonlightG|-----------------| witches calling for their LordD|-2---3---3---4-3-| incantation of the Darkside"A|-0---0---1---1-1-|E|-----------------|
Riff 2 (w/heavy keyboards) 2 timese|-----------------|B|-----------------|G|-----------------|D|-7-------5-------|A|-5---6---3---4---|E|-----4-------2---|
Play riff 1 4 times w/lyrics: "from the book of secret world Scream breaks off nocturnal silence then begins the rite of Darkness Hill in the fog the heart of wood" Play riff 2 2 times
Riff 3 4 timese|---------------------------|B|---------------------------| "Hill in the fogG|---------------------------| the heart of woodD|-7/8-8-\5-5/7--7/8-8\7-10--| altar of goatA|-5/6-6-\3-3/5--5/6-6\5--8--| infernal gloom"E|---------------------------|
Riff 4 4 timese|-------------------------------|B|-------------------------------| "nocturnal riteG|-------------------------------| knife in the handD|-7/8-8\7-7/10-10\9-9\6-6/8-8\5-| worship DarksideA|-5/6-6\5-5/-8--8\7-7\4-4/6-6\3-| bless Left Hand Path"E|-------------------------------|
Riff 5 4 timese|-----------------|B|-----------------| "Pagans hidden in the forestG|-----------------| in unholy common graveD|-2-------3---5---| christians killed the last worshipperA|-0---5---1---3---| but the Dark Cult is still living"E|-----3-----------|
End with A5 (let ring)
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