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Cities beneath the sea     -   Gravenhurst
by marcusN8

Verse 1: 
e9/H      e9/C               e
I live on both sides of the mirror
e9/H     e9/C                   G
Feel the pain that destruction brings 
e9/H     e9/C         e          D     C
I want to help put everything in its place
     C       D       e
I want to destroy everything

e9/H               e9/C       e
There are cities underneath cities
e9/H   e9/C        G
Cities beneath the sea
      D       C        D      C
In deserted towns and burial mounds
          C          D          e   
There is beauty that no-one will see
         C        D           e     D    C  
And the magic of stones when taken back home
     C           e     
Is left on the beach

Verse 2
e9/H         e9/C                      e
The dead see through the eyes of the living
e9/H         e9/C          G
The dead know all of our names
e9/H        e9/C      e        D     C
Powerless to stop us repeating the same
 C           D               e
Careless mistakes that they made

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