Grayson Capps - A Love Song For Bobby Long tab

He dont even plays the chords straight so use some fills in the verses, too.
Standard Tuning
p = pull off
h = hammer on
/\= slide


Am C G Bm D Em-0---0---3---2---2---0------------------------------------|-1---1---0---3---3---0------------------------------------|-2---0---0---4---2---0------------------------------------|-2---2---0---4---0---2------------------------------------|-0---3---2---2---x---2------------------------------------|-x---x---3---x---x---0------------------------------------|
Intro (x2):----------------------------------------------------|----------------------------111---------------------|--3/4\2-0-0--000------------222---------------------|-------------xxx------------222---------------------|-0~~~~~~~3---xxx---0-3-5-0--000---------------------|-------------xxx--3-----5---------------------------|
Am C G Am Brewton Alabama at The Colonial Inn, Am C G Am hot day, old orange juice, some vodka on a night stand, Am C G Am there's a Chevy Nova with the seat burned out the back, Am C G Am from a Winston cigarette, that was stumped into the wind Am C G Am old Bobby Long was like Zorba the Greek, Am C G Am Side-tracked by the scent of a woman, Am C G Am Could've been an actor on a moviescreen Am C G Am Stayed in Alabama just a dreamer of dreams G He played football against W.S.E.O. Am (Fill) should've seen him running down the field G I grow old, I grow old where the bottoms of my Am (Fill) trousers rolled G Am it's a love song, for Bobby Long G Am A love song, for Bobby Long INTRO (2x) Am C G Am he was a handsome man, he had Cherokee cheeckbones Am C G Am a fair haired boy, where did he go wrong, Am C G Am he chose a roadless travel, made all the difference, Am C G Am now hes chastisezed, critisiezed he don't make no sense G Am (Fill) Brewton called him crazy, he said Bobby Long was nothing but a drunk, G Am (Fill) but all the thoughts in his head was way passed anything they duwmb funk G Am it's a love song, for Bobby Long G Am a love song, for Bobby Long Bm Am G D but don't get me wrong, Bobby Long was no good, Bm Am G D he'd drag you down, if he thought he could Am well he would drag you down, Em the road I ride will be the day for me G won't come along Em the road I ride is gonna set me free G hes gonna take me home
Am C G Am he was a friend of my papa's he used to drink and tell lies Am C G Am praised Flannery O'Connors, smoked cigarettes and filosophied Am C G Am so here I am at The Colonial Inn Am C G Am me and Captain Long and my pretty girl-friend Am C G Am he charmes her with a poem, then he brakes down and cries Am C G Am smile a crooked smile, with his broken cheeck-bone side Am C G Am tells about his life, now he's 63, Am C G Am he looks me in the eyes, he says come and go with me G he could walk on water, walk on water Am (Fill) but you know you drown themselves and wine G god and a devil, god and a devil, Am (Fill) god and a devil along inside his mind G Am it's a love song, for Bobby Long G Am a love song, for Bobby Long
End with:----------------------------------------------------|----------------------------111---------------------|--3/4\2-0-0--000------------222---------------------|-------------xxx------------222---------------------|-0~~~~~~~3---xxx---0-3-5-0--000---------------------|-------------xxx--3-----5---------------------------|
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