Grease - Its Raining On Prom Night chords

It's raining on prom night   GREASE

capo 2

Dm F G I was deprived of a young girl's dream,
F Dm Cby the cruel force of nature from the blue.
Dm GInstead of a night
C Am full of romance surrene,
F Am G all i got was a runny nose and agiatic flu.
chorus C C/Em Am Am7 F G
C Am It's raining on prom night.
F G My hair is a mess,
C it's running
Am all over
F G my taffeta dress,
C Am it's wilting and quilting,
F G on my maiden form.
C Am And mascara flows all down my nose
F G because of the storm
Em F C I don't even have my corsage
Amoh gee
F Am Dm GIt fell down a sewer with my sisters ID
C Am F G x2 [just speak like the song you can find here : and playing chords C Am F G keeping the rythm] Guess it's raining on prom night. Oh my darling what can i do? I miss you. It's raining rain from the skies, and it's raining real tears from my eyes, over you. [continue with 1/2 ton up > C# A#m F# G#] Oh dear god, make him feel the same way i do right now. Make him want to see me again.
G#Oh what can I do.
C# A#mIt's raining rain from the skies
F# G# C#it's raining tears from my eyes over you
A#m F# raining ooooooh
G# C# tears from my eyes over you
A#m F# raining ooooooooh
G#mraining on prom night
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