Great Awakening – Where Your Heart Is Prevailing chords

Where Your Heart is Prevailing - Key: E major
Great Awakening

Vs 1
E B/D# Come, take me away with You
C#m B/D# To that secret place where only lovers go
E and the light of Your face is shown
Vs 2
E B/D# Come take me away with You
C#m B/D# Take me to the river full of Your delight
E Where I can deeply dream of You
G#m Nail me to the ground, in Your Presence
F# E Where me heart is electric with Love
G#m keep me in this place where Your dwelling
F# E and Your heart is prevailing with Love
C#m B/D# E And your breath is living in my soul
C#m B/D# E And Your breath is warm in my soul
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