Great Big Sea – Yarmouth Town tab

 From "Sea of No Cares" (2002)

 Use a capo on the second fret.

 Intro: G G G G G C G G G G G D G (Bo Diddley beat) X2

    G                   Em
 In Yarmouth town there lived a man
     C            C/b   Am        D  
 He had a little tavern by the strand
         G              Em        C
 And the landlord had a daughter fair
 C              G         Am     D                                       
 pretty little thing with golden hair


   G                    C
 Won't you come down, won't you come down
   G                       D      G
 Won't you come down to Yarmouth town

 Repeat Intro

 One night there came a sailor man
 he asked the daughter for her hand
 Well, I won't marry you she said
 I have all I want without being wed

 but if with me you'd like to linger
 I'll tie some string all around my finger
 As you walk by, pull on my string
 and I'll come down and let you right in

 CHORUS X2, Intro X1

 Well, the very next day at closing time
 the sailor man goes off to the strand
 And as he walks by pulls on that string
 She came down and let him right in

 Well, he's never seen such a sight before
 the string around her finger was all she wore

 BREAK: G Em C Am D G Em G Em C Am D

 CHORUS X2, Intro X1

 So all you men who to Yarmouth go
 If ya see those girls with their hair hung low
 all you gotta do is pull their strings
 and they'll come down and let you right in

 CHORUS X4, Intro X1
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