Great Big Sea – Company Of Fools tab

 "Company Of Fools"(Doyle/Russell Crowe) 
  From "Fortune's Favour"(2008)

 G             D
 Bring on the Clowns
     G              D
 The Jokers and Buffoons
 I’ve had the Time of my Life
 And the Life of my Time
        A            D
 In the Company of Fools

 Many a truest word
          G             D
 has been spoken by the Jester
 G                    D
 Standing against the tide
 Is the noblest of gestures
 little pearls of wisdom
      G               Bm
 That tumble from the light
             G               D
 Can make us laugh until we cry
            A                  D
 Because we know that they are right
 Within the strangest people
 Truth can find the strangest home
 So meet me in the village
 Where all we idiots go (go!)

 CHORUS, followed by:

 D     G             Bm    G
 Na na natineutinee, na na natineutinee 
 D     G             Bm     A    D
 na na natineutinee, natineutnee na (ho!)

 I’m wading through the quicksand
 In the gardens of the gentry
 Blooming vacuity
 Leaves mind and pockets empty
 Now,In the Social Order
 I accept the bottom rung
 until the wine is pouring
 And the Lord commands a song
 So,Meet me at the staff door
 When the posers all go home
 We’ll gather with the other Fools
 And put on a proper show (show!)

 CHORUS X2, "na na...", then Bridge:

 So here’s to the Poorest Poet
 Who always pens the truth
         G               D  
 an' the Players Writers,Gypsies an'    
     A                   D
 The Minstrels and their tunes
 I’d rather live an honest lifetime
 With those with nothing to lose
      G       D
 Than waste a night
      G       D
 Knee deep in shite
        G        D
 That’s polished slick
    G         D
 To look just right
 D                    A
 I’d rather live a lifetime
        A          D
 In the Company of Fools

 BREAK: |D G\f#|G A|X4

 Within the strangest people
 Truth can find the strangest home
 So meet me in the village
 where all we idiots go
 (all we idiots,all we idiots go)

 CHORUS (Acapella)

 "Na Na..."

 Break Chords (double time)
 to fade, with ad lib.
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