Great Big Sea – Love tab

Am  X02210
G   320033
Em  022000
F   133211
C   X32010

* some intro I have yet to bother to figure out *
Love LaLaLaLa Love

Am                  G                  Em           F
When we're together why does something always start
Are we both better off when we are apart
Someday's you hate me I can see it in your eyes
It seems like lately you can't wait to criticize me

Am                  G                  Em           F
It's alright, we don't have to fight tonight
No, it's alright (repeat)

Everyday I can hear the rockets fly
Over the graves of too many who have died
Fighting for land, or some ancient holy shrine
I bet your blood runs red, just the same as mine, yeah


C    F        Am   G
Love LaLaLaLa Love LaLaLaLaLa

How many more of our children have to fall
Just how high do we have to build these walls
In fighting there's no dignity
It's such a waste of time
Take my hand,
I don't think God will mind.

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