Great Big Sea - Wave Over Wave chords version 2

Wave Over Wave – Great Big Sea

The other tabs I found didnt sound quite right. Maybe they were, but I was playing 
them wrong. Anyways, this is an easy one to play: I found it off youtube – Brian 
Burry has the best (and one of the only) acoustic version of the song on the net. 
Hes awesome, check it out!

Use a capo on the 2nd fret
Strum D U-D-U

Intro: | Em  A |  X2

G D G DOh me name's Abel Rogers, a share-man am I,
G D Em Aon a three-masted schooner from Twillingate Isle
G D G D I've been the world over, north south east and west,
G D Em Abut the middle of nowhere's where I likes it best
G D G D (He plays G D D D)Where it's wave over wave, sea over bow
G D Em AI'm as happy a man as the sea will allow
G D G Dthere's no other life for a sailor like me,
G D Em Abut to sail the salt sea, boys, to sail the sea
G A Dthere's no other life but to sail the salt sea
D D G A X2 Well, I leave my wife lonely ten months of the year for she built me a home and raised my children dear She’d never come out to bid farewell to me or ken why a sailor must sail the salt sea Chorus Ah, The work it is hard and the hours are long, but my spirit is willing, my back it is strong, and when the work's over the whiskey will pour We'll dance with the girls upon some foreign shore Em Em A A X4 I've sailed the world over,four decades or more and oft times I wonder what I do it for I don't know the answer it's pleasure and pain but with life to live over I'd do it again Chorus X2
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