Great Big Sea – Cant Stop Falling tab

 "Can't Stop Falling" (Doyle/McCann)
  From "Turn" (1999)

 Intro: D | D Dsus4|D  |Dsus4 D|A  | x2

 D        G             D    Dsus4       
 I wasn't looking for a lover,
 D        G             D    Dsus4
 I wasn't looking for a friend
 D        G             D    Dsus4   
 I wasn't working undercover,
 D        G             D    Dsus4
 I wasn't trying to pretend

 then you walked across the dance floor,
 Just like the moon across the sky,
 And I knew that I would have to see more,
 I knew that I would have to try
 Bm       G       A          Bm
 I look into your eyes,and I realise,
 D  A     G          A
 Oh,no,I can't stop falling,
 D  A     G        A        D
 my heart betrays me, and I know,
      A        G       A     D
 I'll start to feel it all again,
       A       G    A
 Won't someone save me?


 When she jumped aboard the Brown Line
 and I accidentally caught her eye
 she told me she was born a Libra,
 An' I told her I was Gemini 

 She made Suggestive Conversation,oh, 
 then she lightly brushed my hand
 overcome by her temptation,
 we jumped out down by the Strand
 And in the English night,(ooh)
 oh, I realise it again...CHORUS

 ooh..Intro, To bridge:

 D   A           G    A
 She asked me to come inside,
 D  A          G          A
 we could just talk for a while
 D  A     G    A    
 I wonder if I should,but 
     D          A
 her touch, her touch, (oh,no,no)
    G        A 
 it feels so good 

 CHORUS X2, Last line "I must be crazy"

 Intro X2, End on D
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