Great Big Sea - Time Brings tab

Song: Time brings
Artist: Great Big Sea
Album: Great big Sea – self titled.
Tabbed by. André Nadeau-Simard  

C      - x32010
Dm   - xx0231
G     - 230001
F      - 133211

I fiured out the chords for one of the two guitars playing this song. I did not tabbed the
picking for the first guitar yet but I`m working on it!! For the struming, the best is to listen
to the album because it changes a bit between the verses and the chorus. One of the best
traditionnal band I `ve ever heard!

Intro: C    Dm    G    C    (x2)

Dm             G           C            F
Hearken to me both high and low
Dm             G        C
I`ll sing for you a song
Dm                 G               C                 F
Of Kngs and Queens and rose-lipped maidens
Dm                         G
Courting light foot lads

Now love is grand when love is new
The heart blood it runs stong
There`s nothing a doting lad won`t do
To keep his princess warm

He`ll tease her with poems and promises
He`ll ask her out to dance
He`ll cajole and he`ll beg and he`ll always win
In bitter-sweat romance

C               Dm            G         C
For time it comes and time it goes
Dm                              F        G
It makes the strongest tree to bend
Dm           G                   F       C
Kings and Queens have no defence
C                  Dm         G        C
Time brings all things to an end

C                  Dm         G        C

But he goes out with his drinken pals
His eyes bagan to rove
He forgets all about the brown-eyed beauty
Who now sits home alone

There`s no more walks down lover`s lane
There`s no more wine in the sun
All that`s left is a hollow pain
Time alas you`ve won


While the violin and flute solos, you play :
C	Dm	G	C
C	Dm	G	C
Dm		F	G
Dm	G	F	C
C	Dm	G	C
C	Dm	G	C

Now all who wish for love to stay
And last your whole life through
Keep ahead of time me boys
And never be untrue


C	Dm	G	C

End .....

Any corrections or comments, feel free to drop an email.!
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