Great Big Sea – Sea Of No Cares tab

 "Sea Of No Cares" (Doyle/McCann/Trapper)
  From the album of the same name (2002)

 Use a capo on the fifth fret for second (Sean) guitar

 Intro: Fadd9 C| Fadd9 C| Fadd9 C| Gsus4 G| X2

 Fadd9          C               Fadd9       C
 When You're in love there's no time and no space
           Fadd9     C             Gsus4 G
 there's a permanent smile on your face 
      Fadd9          C                 Fadd9    C   
 Your friends all complain that you're going insane
         Fadd9         C             Gsus4  G
 but the truth is that they're just afraid

       Am7  G    Fadd9    C
 (and) Hey, Hey, Hey Somewhere
 Fadd9                      C         Gsus4
 You threw your fear in the Sea of no cares
 Am7  G    Fadd9    C
 hey, hey, hey somewhere
 Fadd9                      C          G    
 You threw your fear in the sea of no cares

 Intro X1

 When you decide that what counts is inside 
 your friends all say it's a lie
 but there's no brighter light than the look in her eyes
 when you're walking her home through the night

 CHORUS X1 Followed By bridge:

     Fadd9                Gsus4 G
 Let yourself go with the tide
 Fadd9                    Gsus4 G
 there's an angel by your side
 Gsus4 G  C
 to- nigh-t

 Intro X2 (with "you threw your fear in the sea")

 Oh, Back at the bar, getting cynically stoned
 your friends are drinking alone
 but it's funny 'cause they don't even cross your mind
 when she asks you into her home


 Intro X2 with "you threw your fear in the sea"

 end on Gsus4

 and, of course, Sean's interlocking part:

 Cadd9        G               Cadd9      G
 When your in love there's no time or no place
           Cadd9     G             Dsus4 D Dsu2 D
 there's a permanent smile on your face...
 Em   D    Cadd9   G
 Hey, hey. hey somewhere..
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