Great Big Sea – Mari Mac tab

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Date: Sat, 02 May 1998 20:00:22 -0500
From: Ron Stoyka 
Subject: g/great_big_sea/mari_mac.crd

    Finally, some Great Big Sea on the Internet. Although I can't make
out most of the lyrics, I have figured out chords for the song. It's
pretty simple, only four chords: G, A, Em and D.

    Start off with quick changes from G to A to Em ( listen to the album
for the proper rhythm).

    During the verses:

        " (Em) There's a cute little lass and her name is Mari-Mac (D)
And make no mistake she' a girl I'm gonna track (Em) A lot of other
fellas try to get her on the back. But I'm (G) thinkin'  they'll (A)
have to get up early (Em).
          (Em) Mari-Macs mother's makin' Mari-Mac marry me (D once hard
and then mute it) My mother's makin' me marry Mari-Mac(a few rapid D's)
          (Em)  Well I'm gonna marry Mari cause Mari's takin' care. Well
(G) I'll be feelin' (A) marry when (Em) I marry Mari-Mac.
           The rest of the song follows this same progression but it
get's much faster so listen to the album and you'll figure it out much
better than I can describe.
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