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From: Ronald L. Hanna
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The diversity of this band is amazing.  They go from country, to heavy
metal, and now serious gangsta’ rap.  The lyrics to this song may seem
strange, but I heard them play it at the KC Hall in North Havenbrook and
it blew my mind.

Song Title: Serious Song
By Great Gradsby

From the short-lived “Meavy Hetal” tour.

Rap to funky up-beat drum machine.  Give attitude.  Be “Bad.”


This is our serious song now
Its not about boogers, dogs, or farting cats
Its about life
And that is that

Its about abortion crime and national debt
Kickbacks and scandal and the national debt
Its about murder and rape and national debt
Iran and Iraq and the national debt

You see where I’m going with my shit talkin’ rhyme
I’m on my way to Compton with my shit talkin’ rhyme
I’ll grab another forty for my shit talkin’ rhyme
I gotta git liqoured for my shit talkin’ rhyme

Darwin and Columbus and some more famous guys
Nixon and Egyptians were eatin’ some fries
Cyberspunk and Hefner and some more famous guys
Were probably in the kitchen eatin’ some fries….Huh, Huh, huh huh

 You think you know whats goin’ on
 But you ain’t in the kitchen
 You got Dasheekee on your jock
 Your shit will soon be itchin’

I contemplate the words I sing, they don’t make any sense
Kitty on my lap, pickle in my pants
Doggy in my pocket, lets do the neutron dance

It seems I got a parrot in my sock
And cus cus on my bike
I’m lookin’ for some lovin’
You think its you but……psyche

(this song is dedicated to the makers of UZI brand automatic weapons and
in memory of Dasheekee Shante’ and Terrel Ginninjuse)

Peace Dasheekee

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