Great Lake Swimmers – Passenger Song tab

Left handed
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Another really pretty song from Great Lake Swimmers

Gotta love this band!

Sounds good if you strum these chords carefully, and if you occasionally let the 
high e-string ring a bit..

Intro: Dm

Dm	       C	   Bb		 F
One thing I'll say for the less traveled way

Bb	     F
Doesn't have subtlety
Bb	      F
Has twice the gravity
Dm	   C	       Bb	    F
Get in and go and your one with the now

Bb	   F
Turns inconsistently
Bb	  F
Arcs in a symphony

And so on :-)

The rest of the lyrics (from

Make your mind sharp and aware of the holes

Fall through them steadily
Slip through them readily

Watch and watch spiraling out of control

It's beyond all that anyway
Time is dead anyway

Passenger song on the dark radio

Wheels in your other head
And holes in your other mind

Lights on the screen and then shut by the door

Voice their inner frames
The eyes have jar all the same

Follow the path until it falls away

Hurry it's dangerous
Some say it's glamorous

Charge through the past and the future of now

Come to it sparingly
With what you are carrying

Notes on the pages and notes in the bars

And chasing without it scars
It might make you see the stars

Show me and told me then show me to bed

Collapsing anyway
The edge is starting to fray

Oh right, you are right, you are right, you are right

Left from the interstate
'Cause you can hardly wait

One thing I'll say for the less traveled way 

Doesn't have subtlety
Has twice the gravity
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