Great Lake Swimmers - When It Flows chords


    C: x32010
    F: x33210
   Em: x22000
Dsus2: x00230


C F (X4)


C F CWhen it flows from the fingers
FAnd turns to stone
C FIt shatters with the touch
C F CFeel the air, breathe it in
F CTurn the corner, take the bend
FGive or take the bend
C F It's a spiraling cork-screw path towards you
C FIt's a sinking, twisted path from me to you
F Em Dsus2 CFor a second I saw you so clearly, clearly
F Em Dsus2 C For a moment I knew you so dearly, dearly
F Em Dsus2 CI looked into your eyes and into your mind
F Em Dsus2 CYou were laughing like a statue come to life
C FThe subtle piano raindrops
C F CThe creaking of the buildings and their cellos
F CThe wind was our violin
F C The sky was a symphonic mural of stars
F C FHiding behind perfectly placed clouds
CBecause everything is the way it is
F C FAnd everything is perfect in their imperfections
C FAnd everything is placed the best
C FAnd it is now, and it is here
C FAnd tomorrow is another now
C FWaiting to happen
F Em Dsus2 CThe roar of an action silences all the words
F EmThe cry of an accomplishment
Dsus2 CDrowns the whimper of ten thousand words
F Em Dsus2 CAnd we live in our actions and our reactions
F Em Dsus2 CAnd we live in our actions and our reactions
Outro: F Em Dsus2 C (x4)
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