Great Lake Swimmers – Unison Falling Into Harmony chords

			     Unison Falling Into Harmony - Great Lake Swimmers
Tabbed by: Danny

Tuning: Standard Capo 3

The hammer on's are on the G's to D's and D's to Em's and then C's
to G's and G's to D's. If that makes sense. In the intro, start strumming the  G chord 
when he says "two, two, three" on the 2nd "two". Strum down, up, down, up and then go 
into the intro.

G One two three, two two three
Intro: G D Em C G D x2
G D EmIs gravity the same for you?
C G DOr have you fallen deeply too?
G D EmInto the light of a dream
C G DLike unison falling into harmony
G DThe only thing between us
EmIs a breath of air
C GA river of fear
DA ship we can't steer
G DA curtain of rain
EmA layer of skin
C GA determined stare
D A dare C-G-C-G-Em-D C-G-C-G-Em-D
G DSweep across the floor
EmLike the wind through the islands
C GStep once, turn twice
DAnd move like the current
G DI will try to know you
EmThough you defy my grasp
C GYour beauty is static
DBut steady and fast
G DSpin once and turn twice
EmAnd fall in with the band
C G DIn unison falling into harmony
G D EmI love the way that your lights come on
C G DWhen you've been lit with some happy thought
G DSo save up your tears
EmFor the next time it rains
C GAnd flow across the floor
DLike the unstoppable river
G DI will try to know you
EmThough you defy my grasp
C GYour beauty is gentle
D (let ring)But forceful and fast
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