Great Lake Swimmers - Backstage With The Modern Dancers tab

Capo 5


Bm  D  G  A
(Between the Bm and D he hits a C# on the A string)

Backstage with the modern dancers
D                               G
She was stretching her arms
A                     Bm
configuring her body
                    D                                     G
while they were breathing, they were shouting
A                                          Bm
she was concentrating on her breathing
and didn't seem to mind 
as i sat there on the couch 
A                        Bm
and tuned my guitar      
                    D                     G
and played a few chords
like roses growing their thorns

getting ready to perform
D                           G
with bare feet and painted faces
A                      Bm
they took their places
       D                              G                     
on shivering legs beneath colourful gowns

A            D
na na na na
D            A
na na na na
A            D
oooh ooooh
D           A
na na na na
A           Bm
ooooh oooh

Bm                                     D   G
and out there on the wooden floors
A                             Bm
the sweat form their pores
                     D     G
I'm writing a list
A                                    Bm
of songs I can sing by myself
backstage with the modern dancers
D            G A
who feel it, like i feel it
like i feel it feel if feel it
backstage with the modern dancers
            D           G
getting ready to go on
A                          Bm
she showed me her spin
D                         G               A
with a beauty lit from within
Bm                    D
and all of these things
G                         A
i don't think they should be released

Tabbed by Adam Rytwinski
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