Green Carnation - Crushed To Dust tab

I was astonished when I discovered no Green Carnation tabs on here,
so I have decided to start tabbing as many of their songs as I can.
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Crushed To Dust

Performed By: Green Carnation (Website:
From the Album: "A Blessing in Disguise"
Lyrics & Music Written By: Stein Roger Sordal

D-Tuning (D G C F A d) Low to High

Chords used (Low to High):

A5   | 5 7 7 x x x

B5   | x 2 4 4 x x

D5   | x 5 7 7 x x

E5   | 0 2 2 x x x

C5   | x 3 5 5 x x

Intro (0:00)

|----------------------------||----------------------------||--------4-5-----------------||--2-----4/5-----7/9---2--5--||--2-----2/3-----7/9---2--5--||--0-0-0-----0-0-5/7-0-0--3--| . . . . .
(Repeat 8 times, into Verse 1) Verse 1 (0:22) (Note: Listen for the slide to D5 after B5 is played)
(Repeated until chord change) He took a long look in the mirror, shook his head Felt the arms of God letting go Couldn't breathe, it had to stop A5 B5 /D5 Voices screaming out inside of him... inside of him Verse 2 (0:40)
(Repeated until chord change) The world was turning black, cold, cruel and vicious A5 B5 /D5 Time was knocking on a closing door... wanting more (Repeat Verse riff four times, into chorus) Chorus 1 (0:57): E5 D5 C5 Playing pieces of a life-long play in which the starring actor B5 E5 makes the world go around inside his head D5 C5 Then suddenly, the act is ending. The lights are dimming D5 and the music's playing (Note: I'm not completely sure if the following complete fill is played under the chorus chords, or just certain sections of it. Feel free to play whatever you want) ((Played twice))
(Repeat Intro Part, four times) Verse 3 (1:30) (Note: Listen for the slide to D5 after B5 is played)
(Repeated until chord change) There was a woman lying on the floor; blueish, pale Staring a hole through his soul There was blood underneath A5 B5 /D5 The shotgun lying next to her... next to her Verse 4 (1:48)
(Repeated until chord change) He mumbled "Am I closer now?" A5 B5 /D5 "Is this the path that God has chosen out for me... out for me?" (Repeat Verse riff four times, into chorus) (Repeat Chorus Part) (Repeat Intro riff four times, into bridge. End fourth time on E5 and let ring) Bridge (2:42): (LONG pickslide down A & D strings)
(Play 8 times. 4 without palm muting on the E5s, then another 4 with palm muting) (3:07) (Note: The notes played on the E string are most likely played on bass guitar. They can still be played on guitar anyway)
|--------------------------------------||--------------------------------------||-----4--------4--------4--------4-----||--------5--------5--------5--------5--| x2|--------------------------------------||--0--------2--------3--------2--------|
"Cut!" He said. "Let's wrap it up!" "We're finished here!" (Repeat Intro riff four times, into chorus) (Repeat Chorus Part TWICE) (Repeat Intro riff once) END ON (Note: Hold chord and fade out)
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