Green Day - Eat Jesus Nowhere chords

Eat Jesus Nowhere
21st Century Breakdown
2009 Reprise Records
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Key: G

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Em - 022000
G -  320033
C -  x32010
D -  xx0232
B -  x24442
A -  x02220
F -  133211

Intro: Em-G-Em-D-Em-- x8 D-A

Verse 1:
Em D A Raise your hands now to testify
Em D A Your confessions will be crucified
Em D Am You're a sacrificial suicide
Em D A Like a dog that's been sodomized
Em G Em D Em [Stand up!] all the white boys
Em G Em D Em [Sit down!] all the black girls
Em G Em D Em You're the soldiers
Em G Em D Em Dm A of the new world
Refrain 1:
B D A Put your faith in a miracle
B D A And it's non-denominational
B D A Join the choir we will be singing
B D In the church of wishful thinking
Em GA fire burns today
A C BOf blasphemy and genocide
Em GThe sirens of decay
A C BWill infiltrate the faith fanatics
Interlude: Em-G-Em-D-Em-- x4 D-A Verse 2: Bass Lines
Em G B Oh bless me lord for I have sinned
Em G B It's been a lifetime since I last confessed
Em G B I threw my crutches in "the river
Of a shadow of doubt"
Em G B pause D A And I'll be dressed in my Sunday best
Refrain 2:
B D A Say a prayer for the family
B D A Drop a coin for humanity
B D A Ain't this uniform so flattering?
B D I never asked you a god damned thing
(Repeat Chorus) Interlude: Em-G-Em-D-Em-- x4 Bridge:
Em Don't test me
Em Second guess me
Em Em D A Protest me
Refrain 3:
B D A I want to know who's allowed to breed
B D A All the dogs who never learn to read
B D A Missionary politicians
B D And the cops of a new religion
Guitar Solo: Em--G-A--C-B x2, Em--F-Em x4 (Repeat Chorus in slow motion) Outro: Em-G-Em-D-Em-- x4 D-A Em, Em(hold)
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