Green Day – Dominated Love Slave tab ver. 2

Green Day - Dominated Love Slave
Submitted By: Chris
Album:Kerplunk (1992 Look Out Records)
Guitar:Billie Joe Armstrong

\-slide up
/-slide down
()-ghost note
~-let ring

Note:The way I've been playing this song is the same as
Jason's way except he didn't include the solo, intro,
or outro.

Intro: Eb5e------------------------------------------|b------------------------------------------|g---x-x-xxxx-8-8-88-8-8-88-8-8-88-8-8-88---|D---x-x-xxxx-8-8-88-8-8-88-8-8-88-8-8-88---|A---x-x-xxxx-6-6-66-6-6-66-6-6-66-6-6-66---|E------------------------------------------|
Verse/Chorus: Eb5 Ab5 Eb5 Bb5 Eb5 Ab5e-----------------------------------------------------|b-----------------------------------------------------|g---8-8-88-------------8-8-8-8---------8-8-88---------|D---8-8-88-6-666-6-666-8-8-8-8-8-88-88-8-8-88-6-666---|A---6-6-66-6-666-6-666-6-6-6-6-8-88-88-6-6-66-6-666---|E----------4-444-4-444---------6-66-66--------4-444---|
Eb5 Bb5 Eb5e----------------------------|b----------------------------|g---8-8-8-8---------8-8-88---|D---8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-88---|A---6-6-6-6-8-8-8-8-6-6-66---|E-----------6-6-6-6----------|
Verse x1 Chorus x1
Solo (w/ distortion pedal): A D A E A D7 e-----0000000-33-----3-0000000-00------0000000-22---------|b-----2222222-22----2--2222222-00------2222222-11-----2---|g-----2222222-33-3-3---2222222-11----1-2222222-22----1----|D-----2222222-00-------2222222-22---2--2222222-00-2-2-----|A------------------------------22--2----------------------|E---0--------------------------00-0-----------------------|
Chorus x1 (w/ no Gtr. on "driiivvveee..." Outro:
That's it! The solo is the only hard part in the song and once you get the picking down it's easy! ===========Green Day - Dominated Love Slave Submitted By: Jason Lee EMail: album: Kerplunk!
the chords: D# G# BbE:-------------B:-------------G:-8-----------D:-8---6---8---A:-6---6---8---E:-----4---6---
verse 1: D# G# I wanna be your dominated love slave D# Bb I wanna be the one who takes the pain D# G# You can spank me when I do not behave D# Bb D# Smack me in the forehead with a chain chorus 1: G# D# Cuz I love feelin dirty Bb D# And I love feelin cheap G# D# And I love it when you hurt me Bb D# So drive them staples deep verse: (same as verse 1) chorus: (same as chorus 1) during the solo there is no rhythm guitar chorus: (same as chorus 1) tabbed out 12/17/02 by =jl=
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