Green Day – Olivia chords

New Green Day song.


E (x79997)
A (577655)
B (799877)


Intro : E

E A EOlivia, Olivia, it's raining outside
A BThe city is drenched, there's a moon out tonight
E A BThere's a break in the clouds, just under the stars
E A BWe wanna go on and watch from afar
A EWe couldn't care when and stepped in the mud
A EIt makes no sense but you misunderstood
A E BThe city is in ruins, but there's a flower in the crack of the streets
E A EOlivia, Olivia, I'll give you my best
A BSafe in my arms, I'll lay you to rest
E A BYou can borrow my coat, you wear the dress
E A B EOlivia, Olivia, come follow me home
End on E Let me know if you have any suggestions.
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