Green Day – Give Me Novacaine chords

I listened to it many times and it didn't sound completely correct with open power 
chords, so I Capo the 2nd fret and it sounded MUCH more like the original. Enjoy :).

[CAPO 2]

Intro: G   Em   Am   D

G EmTake away the sensation inside
Am DBitter sweet migraine in my head
G EmIts like a throbbing tooth ache of the mind
Am DI can't take this feeling anymore
C GDrain the pressure from the swelling,
C GThis sensations overwhelming,
DGive me a long kiss goodnight
Emand everything will be alright
AmTell me that I won't feel a thing
DSo give me Novacaine
(Play Intro again) Out of body and out of mind Kiss the demons out of my dreams I get the funny feeling, that's alright Jimmy says it's better than air, I'll tell you why [Chorus] (Play G until solo) Oh Novacaine Chords during solo: Em G C G Em G Am D [Chorus:] Drain the pressure from the swelling, This sensations overwhelming, Give me a long kiss goodnight and everything will be alright Tell me Jimmy I won't feel a thing So give me Novacaine (Play Intro again, end on G)
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