Green Day - Life During Wartime chords version 1

Band : Green Day, only Billie Joe Armstrong
Song : Life During Wartime
Album : ?
Year : ?

Chords Used :
G  : 320033
Bm : x24432
Am : x02210
C  : x32010
D  : x00232
Em : 022000
F  : x33211


G  Bm  Am  C  D x2

G C DYeah, we say making changes starts in the little things you do
G C DRevolution begins at home, but for most of us it ends there too.
Em CWe're doing something, we're making changes
Em CLike changing the brand of crap we buy
Em C DWe say it makes a difference, but that's just another lie!
Intro again: G Bm Am C D x2 Verse:
G C DIt use to be us and them and you and me
G C Dand now we can't reach our potential without a common enemy
Em CA real war to fight against
Em CInstead of our petty disagreements
Em C DHow can I rationalize my life during wartime lie?
Bridge: C F C G F G x3 C D x1 Bridge-verse:
C F G F GA calmer action and no reaction
C F G F GTaking our lives in our own hands
C F G F G Instead of sitting around and talking
C D'bout the same old shitty bands
Em CWell, the war's going on right now
Em Cand I'm not doing anything about it
Em CWithout a crowd I'm not so loud
Em C D I can't do anything by myself And that's just another lie
Outro : G Bm Am C D x2 G
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