Green Day – Viva La Gloria Little Girl chords

Little Girl
21st Century Breakdown
2009 Reprise Records
Submitted by: thecrazycuban23

*Disclaimer this is my first tab addition to the website.
It is my version for guitar, it works great but is not what is used in the original.
They use Capo on 1st with these exact chords. Feel free to do that if you want.

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Em -   022000
C  -   032010
B  -   224442
G  -   320033

Em B Eme|-----------------|----------------|-------|------------|B|-----------------|----------------|-------|------------|G|----0-4--2--0----|---0-4--2--0----|---0-2-|--4-2-0-----|D|-2-2----------2--|--2----------4--|--4----|--------4-2-|A|-----------------|----------------|-------|------------|E|-----------------|----------------|-------|------------|
*For the first verse I fingerpick (as shown) because it leads from the intro easier, but you can strum as well. Do quick, short, downward strums and stops. You can listen to the song for the right rhythm. Verse 1 (Picking):
Em C Be|----0---0-(Repeat)|----0---0-(Repeat)|----2---2--(Repeat)|B|----0---0---------|----1---1---------|----4---4----------|G|----0---0---------|----0---0---------|----4---4----------|D|--2---------------|--2---------------|--4----------------|A|-------2----------|-------3----------|------2------------|E|------------------|------------------|-------------------|
Verse 1:
EmLittle girl little girl
CWhy are you crying?
BInside your restless
Emsoul your heart is dying
Little one, little one
CYour soul is purging
BOf love and razor blades
EmYour blood is surging
Chorus 1: (Strum Fast and Powerful)
C From the river to the street
BAnd find yourself with
Emyour face in the gutter
Em C Your a stray for the salvation ar-my
BThere is no place like home
Em Em (Switch to Picking)When you got no place to go
Verse 2:
EmLittle girl, little girl
CYour life is calling
BThe charlatans and
Emsaints of your a-bandon
Em (Two Strums)Little one little one
CThe sky is falling
BThe lifeboat of
Emdeception is now sailing
EmIn the wake all the way
CNo rhyme or reason
BYour bloodshot eyes
Emwill show your heart of treason
Em (Two Strums)Little girl little girl
C (Two Strums)You dirty liar
C BYou're just a junkie
EmPreaching to the choir
(Repeat Chorus 1) Bridge: (Strumming)
CThe traces of blood
GAlways follow you home
CLike the Mascara tears
GFrom your getaway
CYour walking with blisters
GAnd running with shears
BSo unholy Sister of grace
Solo: Em C G B E Chorus 2:
CFrom the river to the street
BAnd find yourself with
Emyour face in the gutter
Em CYour a stray for the salvation ar-my
B (Hold Note)There is no place like home
Thank you guys, I hope you enjoyed it.
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