Green Day - F O D tab


Date:	96-03-02 13:55:50 EST
From:	Tru2PUNK

band:  Green Day
cd:  Dookie
song:  F.O.D.                                         tune down half step
tabbed by:  Michelle Chlebek   
verse:  "SOMETHINGS..." |  pre chorus:      "LETS NUKE THE...."
    5  G5   A5   G5   A5     |   E5   G5   D5   A5   E5   G5    D5






"IVE HAD THIS BURNING..... " E5 G5 D5 A5 E5 G5 D5 -------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------- ----9--------------7-------------9---------------7--------- ----9------5------7-----4------9-------5------5---------- ----7------5------5-----4------7-------3------5---------- ------------3-------------2--------------3------------------
"TO SAY....." ---------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------ -----7--7--7--7---7--7--7--7---7--7--7--7---------------- -----7--7--7--7---7--7--7--7---7--7--7--7----------------- -----5--5--5--5---5--5--5--5---5--5--5--5---------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
chorus: "YOUR JUST....." D5 C#5 G5 D5 C#5 A5 ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- ----7----6---------------------7------6------------------- ----7----6-------5------------7------6------4----------- ----5----4-------5------------5------4------4------------ -------------------3---------------------------2------------ repeatthese.....
pre-chorus chorus VERSE1: somethings on my mind its been for quite some time this time im on to you so wheres the other face the face i heard before your head trips boring me PRE-CHORUS: lets nuke the bridge you torched 2000 times before this time we'll blast it all to hell ive had this burning in my guts now for so long my bellys achin now to say CHORUS: your just a fu*k i cant explain it cuz i think you suck im taking pride in telling you to fuck off and die 2ND PRE-CHORUS: my bellys achin now to say im taking pleasure in the doubts ive passed to you so listen up as you bite this CHORUS..... "good night"
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