Paper Lanterns tab with lyrics by Green Day - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Green Day – Paper Lanterns tab

B a a e e b b
b A A e e b b
b A A e e b b
b A A e e b b

Verse 1:
B             F#
Now I rest my head from
        E              B
Such an endless dreary time
  B                 F#
A time of hopes and happiness
     E             B
That had you on my mind
      B                 F#
Those days are gone and now it seems
   E                B
As if I'll get some rest
    B                 F#
But now and then I'll see you again
       E                B                           
And it puts my heart to test

   E               F#
So when are all my problems 
Going to end?
    E             F#
I'm understanding now that
       B    G#
We are only friends 
        a              E
To this day I'm asking why
                    B a a e e b b 4x
I still think about you

Verse 2:
As the days go on I wonder
Will this ever end ?
I find it hard to keep control
When you're with your boyfriend
I do not mind if all I am is 
Just a friend to you
But all I want to know right now
Is if you think about me too ?


Solo (go crazy -- make something up)


End on B
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