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Date: Mon, 4 Dec 1995 16:47:49 -0500
Subject: Words I Might Have Ate by Green Day

this is a kinda softer song by green day, but it's really fun to play, and
here it is. send all questions, comments, punk tabs, or requests(i'll do my
best) to me at:


Song:  Words I Might Have Ate	=

Band:  Green Day
Album: Kerplunk
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A G E A5 D5 F# F E5=0D|---------3-------------------------------------------||---2-----0-------------------------------------------||---2-----0-----1-----------7-----------------9-------||---2-----0-----2-----7-----7-----4-----3-----9-------||---0-----2-----2-----7-----5-----4-----3-----7-------||---------3-----0-----5-----------2-----1-------------|
=0D Intro: A5, G (mess around with the top string on those chords) =0D Verses: =0D A G A now it seems i can't keep my mind off you =0D A G E my mind drifts back to better days we've been through =0D (same chords) like sitting on blacktop of the school grounds the love i bitched about i finally found =0D CHORUS: =0D D5 A5 G F# F = but now it's gone and i take the blame =0D D5 E5 A5 so there's nothing i can do but take the pain...why? =0D A, G =0D Verse2: now i dwell on what you remind me of a sweet young girl who sacrificed her love as for me i am blind without a cause and now i realized what i have lost =0D CHORUS2: it was something real that i could've had now i play the fool who's soul's gone bad...why? =0D A, G =0D Bridge: =0D E A G tell me the words i might have said =0D (same chords) it's pumping pressure deep inside my head was it bad enough to be too late just tell me the words i might have ate =0D A G the words i might have ate... =0D repeat CHORUS1 =0D end with same as Intro
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