Green Jelly - Obey The Cowgod tab

Band: Green Jelly
Song: Obey the CowGod

Tabber: John Cukras

Tuning: Normal

Riff 1:E---------B---------G---------D-99-5-6-7A-77-3-4-5E--------- x's 12
Riff 2: Guitar 1 Guitar 2E-----------------------------------------------------|-7--------7------9B-----------------------------------------------------|---8---9----8-----G-----------------------------------------------------|-----7---------7-- x's 4D-777777777--99-5-6-7------------------77777777-55-66-|------------------A-555555555--77-3-4-5-x's 4------------55555555-33-44-|------------------E---------------------------- x's 2-------------------|------------------
Riff 1 x's 8 Riff 1 palm muted x's 16 Riff 2 Riff 1 x's 8 Riff 1 palm muted x's 16 Riff 1 x's 8
End: During riff 1 to the end.E-----------|------------------------B-----------|-1717-12-13-14 x's 8--17G-----------|------------------------D-99--------|------------------------A-77--------|------------------------E-----------|------------------------
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