Green Jelly - Slave Boy tab

band: green jelly
song: slave boy

tabber: John cukras

Tuning: normal

Riff 1: Part A Part BE-2------------2/7-1-1-1h2--|--2-1h2-2-3-1-------|B-2---1---1----2/7-1-1-1h2--|--2-1h2-2-3-1 x's 4-|G---2---2---2---------------|--------------------|D---------------------------|--------------------|A---------------------------|--------------------|E---------------------------|--------------------|
Riff 2: Part A Part B Part CE---------------------------|---2-1h2-22-------------------|----4---4---22-5555-------|B--------------3---3--------|---2-1h2-22----1---1-- x's 4--|--3---3---3-22----- x's 2-|G----------2-2---2-- x's 2--|-------------2---2---2--------|--------------------------|D-2-5-6-7-------------------|------------------------------|--------------------------|A-0-3-4-5-------------------|------------------------------|--------------------------|E---------------------------|------------------------------|--------------------------|
Riff 1: Part B x's 4 Riff 2: Part A , Part B , Part A x's 2 Interlude : Gotta tie you up to get down! Riff 2: Part B , Part C x's 4
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