Green River - Ozzie tab

Tabbed by: Kurtrip
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Tuning: NormalUsed ChordsA5 A#5 C5 E5 F5 G5------------------------------|------------------------------|-------------9--10--12--------|-7--8--10----9--10--12--------|-7--8--10----7--8---10--------|-5--6--8----------------------|
/=slideh=hammer onp=pull ofIntro---------------------------|------------8--------------|----9---10----10--9h10p9---|-77---7---7--7--7----------|---------------------------|---------------------------|
Riff 2 (played on A string)--4444-3333-2222-111-0-----Riff 3A5 A#5 / C5Riff 4E5 F5 / G5(Riff 2 & 3 use same rythm, figure it out, it aint hard)
Riff 5 Alternative Riff 5 (used later in the song)---------------|-------------------------------|---------------|-------------------------------|---------------|-------------------------------|----7*-6-5-----|----------7-6-5-----7-6~-------|-55------------|-------55--------55------------|---------------|-------------------------------|*After playing riff 4 a few times cut of after the 7* and go back to riff 1 and go down the riffs again
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