Greenland Is Melting - No More Sorry Songs chords

Capo 3rd
Might not be exact but there's nothing else out there yet so this will do.
G C GI swear I'm sick of sorry songs and sobbin on the phone
C Gand guitars can only distract you from yourself for so long.
C GI Barely recognize the difference there between right and wrong,
it come and goes and leaves me broke and God's the only one that knows
G (mute)it's not my fault I swear to God it's not my fault.
G C G DI've been losing
G Csleep and drugs and thoughts and time and tiny pieces of my mind
G Dthat you borrowed without asking me though I don't need them right now,
G C G D G C GI am so goddamned tired of all the lies we're tellin to ourselves.
Em CI keep a box in my room
Gfilled with everything that you
D Emever gave me or anything that reminds me of you,
CI keep it lock out of sight
Gwith hopes that one day I might
D Empluck up the courage to sit down and write this letter to you .
CYou'll keep it locked in a drawer by your bedside,
G D Emyou may never read it but it makes you glad to know that it's there,
Cand you'll stare at the words that I wrote
G Dwith my own two hands words I never had the courage to say,
Em Cthis is life, this is life, this is life
G D Emat a pace that will crush us all right back to where we began,
Cthis is hope, this is hope, this is hope,
G Din the form of a song that no one should ever hear.
Em C GNothing for certain though,
D Emonly one thing I know is true,
C GI got all of these little things,
D Cbut he's still got you.
But don't you know that? [chorus]
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