Greg Holden - Empty Hands tab

Standard Tuning
Capo 2nd Fret

Chord Reference: 
please don't trust me on the chord NAMES. 
i'm useless at theory so i'm using Guitar Pro's simple 
names to hopefully tell you it right.

C G D B7 Em A7 E AmE|-0---0---0---2-----------0---0---|B|-1---0---3---0---8---10--0---1---|G|-0---0---0---2---0---0---0---2---|D|-2---0---4---1---5---7---2---2---|A|-3---2---5---2---7---9---2---0---|e|-3---3---5---------------0-------|
Some sections are a little tricky but you'll figure it out by listening I've put helpful notes where I can.
INTRO: E|---0---0---0-----|---0---0---0-------------|B|---0---0---0-----|---0---0---0-------------| Its a double strum on the open chorded notes. G|---0---0---0-----|---0---0---0-------------| Listen closely to the song to figure it out.D|-----2---1-------|-----2---1---------0-1-2-| x2A|-------------1-2-|-------------0-1-2-------|e|-0---------------|-0-----------------------|
The patriots hang flags outsideThat’s how they do it nationwideE|---0---0---0-----|---0---0---0-----------|B|---0---0---0-----|---0---0---0-----------|G|---0---0---0-----|---0---0---0-----------|D|-----2---1-------|-----2---1---------0-2-|A|-------------1-2-|-------------0-1-2-----|e|-0---------------|-0---------------------|
C G But back home we don’t care so much C G I might be wrong but that’s how it looks A B7 We listen to the sound of our minds
I feel as though I’m losing timeWith hands of glory pushing rhymesE|---0---0---0-----|---0---0---0-----|B|---0---0---0-----|---0---0---0-----|G|---0---0---0-----|---0---0---0-----|D|-----2---1-------|-----2---1-------|A|-------------1-2-|-------------1-2-|e|-0---------------|-0---------------|
C G Never been so far before C G I drove for days and weeks and more C D Hard shoulder where the chaos lies Em A7 An invitation to the darker side CHORUS: (plays twice, first time B7 is played for 6 beats) I’m holding on, holding on as my life it slips away C G E D C G B7
VERSE: Spinning out my mind it twitsMore worries than I can seem to listE|---0---0---0-----|---0---0---0-----|B|---0---0---0-----|---0---0---0-----|G|---0---0---0-----|---0---0---0-----|D|-----2---1-------|-----2---1-------|A|-------------1-2-|-------------1-2-|e|-0---------------|-0---------------|
C G I’ve served my purpose true and well C G but I haven’t yet got much to tell Am B7 I listen to the panic in my nerves
An agonizing journey homeWith empty hands I stand aloneE|---0---0---0-----|---0---0---0-----|B|---0---0---0-----|---0---0---0-----|G|---0---0---0-3-4-|---0---0---0-5-4-|D|-----2---1-------|-----2---1-------|A|-------------1-2-|-------------3-2-|e|-0---------------|-0---------------|
C G Face my family, face my friends C G I’d better turn around and try again CHORUS: I’m holding on, holding on as my life it slips away C G E D C G B7 Repeat chorus section till end. listen to understand the movement of chords
OUTRO EE|---0---0---0-----|-----------0-|B|---0---0---0-----|---------0---|G|---0---0---0-----|-------0-----|D|-----2---1-------|-----2-------|A|-------------1-2-|---2---------|e|-0---------------|-0-----------|
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