Gregor Meyle – Soll Ich Dich Befrein tab

I tried to figure out the tabs with the videos from his performance in this show by 
raab. So that is what I think is correct:

Meyes has used a capo so this is the version with capo put onto the 4th fret

Intro / Verse

"Wo willst du hin..."e|-----0------0------0------0------|B|-----0------9------7------5------|G|-----0------8------9------0------|D|-----6------0------9------0/6----|A|-----6------8------0------7------|E|-----0---------------------------|
The bridge "du hast den Glauben an Liebe verlor'n...." is not very clear and I play a of the riffs above which sound well to this part. Chorus "Willst du so sein...."
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