Gregorian Chant - Da Pacem tab

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From: Rick Kephart 
Subject: TAB: Gregorian Chant: Da Pacem

                                   DA PACEM

Tablature by Rick Kephart

A Gregorian Chant hymn. Normal guitar tuning. Chant has no time signature.
"." after a note means hold. "/" means hammer-on. "\" means pull-off.

e|-----------------------|----------------------|--|b|-----------------0-------------0-----------------|g|--------------3-----3.---2--3----3\2--0.--0.-----|D|--0.------0--------------------------------------|A|------3------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------| Da pa-cem Do-mi-ne in di-e-bus nos-tris:
e -------------------------------------|------------------------|b ---------------------------------------------------------------|g -----------------------0/2\0--2/3\2.---2--2---0----------------|D --3--3--3\2--0---2--3-----------------------------3--3\5--3.---|A ---------------------------------------------------------------|E ---------------------------------------------------------------| qui-a non est a-li-us qui pu-gnet pro no-bis
e ------------------------------|b ------------------------------|g -------------0----------------|D --3--3--2/3-----3\2--0.--0.---|A ------------------------------|E ------------------------------|
ni-si tu De-us nos-ter. Da pacem Domine {give peace, Lord} in diebus nostris {in our days} quia non est alius {for there is no other} qui pugnet pro nobis {who fights for us} nisi tu Deus noster {except You, our God}
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