Gregory Alan Isakov - Second Chances tab

Artist: Gregory Alan Isakov
Song: Second Chances
Tabbed by: Jo Lefebure

Notes: The capo is on the 2nd fret, but the bottom E-string is not capoed.
I know I probably didn't get all the lyrics right, but you get the idea.

e|-capo2-|B|-capo2-|G|-capo2-| D|-capo2-|A|-capo2-|E|--open-|
Please listen to the youtube video for strumming:
F#|---------------------------|----------------------------|C#|--3---3-3---------3---3-3--|---3---3-3---------3---3-3--|A |--2---0-0---------2---0-0--|---2---0-0---------2---0-0--|E |--0---0-0---------0---0-0--|---0---0-0---------0---0-0--|B |--0---0-2---------0---0-2--|---0---0-2---------0---0-2--|E |--0---------------0--------|---0---------------0--------|
Oh my hero, sit up straight Me I'm mumblin in the kitchen, through the sun to pay up
F#|---------------------------------------|C#|--3------------3------------3-------3--|A |--2------------2------------2-------2--|E |--0------------0------------0-------0--|B |--0------------0------------0-------0--|E |--3------------0------------3-------0--|
They stare at the ground, they radiate Lonely is the ring on a cold coffee cup
F#|---------------------------|C#|-----3---------3--3-3---3--|A |-----2---------2--0-0---2--|E |-----0---------0--0-0---0--|B |-----0---------0--0-2---0--|E |-----3---------0--------0--|
And I'm some sick hound
F#|------------------|C#|-----3---------3--|A |-----2---------0--|E |-----0---------4--|B |-----0---------2--|E |-----3------------|
Diggin' for bones
F#|--------------------------------------------------|C#|-----0--------------------------------3--------3--|A |-----2--------------------------------2--------2--|E |-----2--------------------------------0--------0--|B |-----0--------------------------------0--------0--|E |--------------------------------------3--------0--|If it weren't for second chances, we'd all be alone
My hands they were strangers lost in the night Oh they're waving around in the parking lot light And I'm waiting in the wings while the trees undress Cupping my ear to hear the wind confess I'm a ghost in the garden Scaring the crows If it weren't for second chances, we'd all be alone A G D And I'm running from nothing, no thoughts in my mind | Bm G D | And my heart was all black, but I saw something shine | use the same A G D | chords you did For that part was yours, but it might just be mine | in the verses Bm G D | I could share it with you if you gave me the time | I'm all blood and knuckles Longing for home And if it weren't for second chances, we'd all be alone Interlude (again, listen to the timing):
F#|---------------------------|C#|--3-3-----3-3----3--0---3--|A |--2-2-----2-0----0--2---2--|E |--0-0-----0-0----4--2---0--|B |--0-0-----0-2----2--0---0--|E |--0h2-----2h3-----------0--|
I'm a shot through the head I'm a black sink hole If it weren't for second chances, we'd all be alone
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