Gregory And The Hawk – Im Your Puppet chords

Bsus2I'm your puppet
Bmaj9I'll learn to love it
Bsus2 G#mAnd I'll undress if you need it
E but please don't need it
G#mif you need it
EI'll scream it
Bsus2Weave a secret.
Bmaj9I will sweep it,
Bsus2beneath the carpet.
G#mWhere you'll keep it.
EHow weak is that?
G#m EWish I was worth it to you.
E -- Esus2 -- Bsus2 -- Bmaj9 -- Esus2 -- E -- Bsus2 -- Esus2 -- Bsus2 -- Esus2 -- Bsus2 -- Bmaj9
Bsus2Review my wishes,
Bmaj9for fair weather.
Bsus2 Bmaj9'Cause I know if it clouds or rains or snows
G#myou won't be there.
EHow weak is that?
G#m E G#m Bsus2Wish I was worth it to you.
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