Gregory And The Hawk - For The Best chords

		     For the Best - Gregory and the Hawk
Tabbed by: Sief

* Tuning: CGDGBE
* Capo: 9th Fret

The chords go as follows, these aren't too accurate of names, they'll mainly
serve as place holders, so pay attention to what my diagram says, not what
it'll say when you highlight the name or search somewhere else.

Em/C C7M Em G6e|--0------0------0------0-------------------------------------------|B|--0------0------0------0-------------------------------------------|G|--0------0------0------0-------------------------------------------|D|--2------2------5------0-------------------------------------------|G|--0------5------0------4-------------------------------------------|C|--0------0------4------2-------------------------------------------|
One note about the chords, the high notes aren't needed, mainly focus on the low 4 strings and just let it flow and hit the higher notes only sometimes, but they don't sound too good. It sounds like she doesn't play them too much. Listen to the track to hear the strumming pattern, it's an easy one. * Studio Version: * Live Version: Em/C, C7M, Em, G6 Em/C, C7M, Em, G6
Em/C C7MI really wanna find a bar
Em G6And mix the fear up with a friend
Em/C C7MPlant a joke kiss on your arm
Em G6And give you skull tattoos in pen
Em/C C7MI wanna know
Em G6Do I dance inside your head
Em/C C7MAs our looks are crossed
Em G6Cause all I feel is that I'm caught in it
Em/C, C7M, Em, G6
Em/C C7MI really wanna go to bed
Em G6But the feeling in my chest
Em/C C7MI feel lost again
Em G6But this time for the best
Em/C C7MI wanna know
Em G6Do I smooth your checkered past
Em/C C7MDoes your hope flow
Em G6When you call me your last
Em/C, C7M, Em, G6
Em/C C7MI really hope you're on at eight
Em G6With no commercial breaks
Em/C C7MAnd the sofa sinks
Em G6Underneath our doubled weight
Em/C C7MIf I love you
Em G6Like I loved you from afar
Em/C C7M EmIf you love me
G6 Em/C C7M EmWhen your skin isn't so hard
G6 Em/CWhen your skin isn't so hard
C7M, Em, G6 Em/C
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