Isabelle tab with lyrics by Gregory And The Hawk - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Gregory And The Hawk – Isabelle tab

 I couldnt find any chords for this song so i attempted to make my own
its reallyyyy simple

F                 EM
Now it's just you two
      G                    AM
in a world of poems and paintings
    F                    EM
I guess this means I'm through
    G                AM
it also means I'm breaking
       F             G
but Isabelle what can I do
        EM                  AM
if I'm caught in him, this man you love?
      F                 EM
and Isabelle what can I do
         G                   AM                F
if his strong hands make it hard to shove him away?

       C          G
and I know it's hard
       AM         EM
to picture it up here
    C             EM         G
in your tobacco strewn back yard
     C             AM        G              EM
and it is kinda tiresome to keep an eye on him
      AM             G       C
just look what he's done so far

       F                EM
but Isabelle what can I do?
      G                      AM
the last thing I need is to end up askew
     F                 G
and Isabelle what can I do?
     EM                 AM
the prophets make it difficult
   F                 G
Isabelle what can I do
        EM                    AM
in the few weeks time you're out of sight?
     F                   EM
and Isabelle what can I do
  G    AM                  F
just because it feels alright?

         C               G
and the grounds already hard
      AM            EM
where its been dug in
      C         EM       G
I've gone this way too many times
         C                 AM
but the pit keeps going deeper
     G               C
and I'm not turning back
     AM      G       C
so Isabelle try to understand

   F                 EM
I know just what to say
           G            AM
but it's incorrect to say it
 F                    EM
how do I break it to him?
     G                 AM
the death of one is staying
    F              G
and all I think of now
      EM                    AM
is a way to get under and a way to get out
 F                  EM
Isabelle what can I do

          G         AM            F
with the knife pain it's causing you?
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