Gretchen Peters - Tomorrow Morning chords

Tuning: EADGBE

Play with a nice Ďliltí...

Introduction: Em G/Gb G Em G/Gb G

Em G/Gb GBaby you just slipped right through my fingers
Em G/Gb GBaby took the words out of my mouth
Em G/Gb GI could start all over but the thing is
Em G/Gb GYou were never something i could live without
Em G/Gb GYou were always looking for the silver lining
Em G/Gb GI was always waiting for the rain
Em G/Gb GEvery now and then i need reminding
Em G/Gb GLove is never really love in vain
G C D This night will end
G C D This heart will mend
G C D And iíll smile again
G C D Tomorrow morning
G C D As right as rain
G C D As pure and plain
G C D I will rise again
G C D Tomorrow morning
Em G/Gb GIf i have a soul iíve never seen it
Em G/Gb GIf i have a prayer why canít i pray
Em G/Gb GI say that iím alright but i donít mean it
Em G/Gb GWhat i really mean is iím okay
Em G/Gb GI dreamed i was a sailor on the ocean
Em G/Gb GI dreamed that i was lost inside a storm
Em G/Gb GMaybe i can find a fair wind blowin
Em G/Gb GSomewhere in the dark before the dawn
G C D Tomorrow morning
G C D Tomorrow morning
G C D Tomorrow morning
----------------------------------------------------------------------- Quite a simple one... I hope I've done it justice! Kevin O'Brien Watford England December 2007
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