Grey Haze – Morei Sky tab

Grey Haze- Morei Sky
B-Side before release of Hybrid Theory
I submitted it as linkin park, but its really
the lead singer Chester Bennington's old band
Grey Haze.

Tabbed By Ryan M. Smith
Tuscaloosa, AL U.S.A.
Roll Tide!

This is a rare song from Linkin Park. I have seen
it nowhere on the internet and thought I would be
first to post a version of it. Its a very raw song
with an addictive intro. If youve heard of it, I
hope this tab helps, but what I really want is to
see if someone out there can tab this out better than
me. Enjoy!



Note: There are many ways to play it, but this way sounds
the best and is quite easy.

Use all power chords listed here: E (0799xx) D (0577xx) B (0244xx) C (0355xx) G (355xxx) VERSE: E-D-B
NOTE: The song is played with 2 guitars: Guitar 1 follows this tab: Guitar 2 would strum the intro throughout except on the chorus and join in chords at chorus -------------------------------------------- VERSE 1: E D B I've lived through things I cannot say Back then we dreamt of yesterday It seemed as if the only way And now we look for hope and pray -------------------------------------------- CHORUS: C If I had a second chance D I'd make amends C Only to find myself D G Losing in the end -------------------------------------------- INTRO -------------------------------------------- VERSE 2: E D B It came up from the deepest sea God gave it life and reason to be His Shadow rose above the highest tree And still his face we could not see -------------------------------------------- (CHORUS) -------------------------------------------- INTRO -------------------------------------------- REPEAT VERSE 1 -------------------------------------------- (CHORUS) X 2 (SOLO) I dont know the solo unfortunately, but thats where I hope someone out there has heard this song and can correct this tab. SOLO ends the song. This is a first attempt at a tab ive never seen done for this song, so I hope it helps to create an accurate version of this song.
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