Grizzly Bear – Four Cypresses chords

F Am7 Dbmaj7 Instead of moving
AbYou stared into the wall
F Am7 Tangled up in a pile
Dbmaj7 AbIt's early, make no sound
F Am7 Living in a pile
Dbmaj7 AbIt's chaos but it works
F Am7 Planes flying overhead
Dbmaj7 Ab FSo early, dreadful sound
Am7 Dbmaj7Four cypresses seen from a
Abneighbor's yard
F Am7 Dbmaj7 Ab No memory, a future, drawing down
F Am7 Dbmaj7 Planes flying overhead so early
AbMake no sound
||: F Am7 | Bbm/Db Abmaj7/Eb :|| (x4) || F | % | C | Am(add11) ||
Gb F C D Four cypresses torn from the roadside
Gb F C D Great thundering noise from the hillside
Gb F C D Some thousands of years built it up
Gb F C D Db Some crumbling form to be torn down
|| F | Am7 | Dbmaj7 | Ab ||
F Am7 Dbmaj7 Ab Living in a pile, ah
F Am7 Tangled in a pile
Dbmaj7 AbIt's chaos but it works.
||: F | Bbm/Db Abmaj7/Eb :|| (x4)
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