Groucho Marx – Everyone Says I Love You tab


Chico And Groucho Marx - Everyone Says I Love You C F C-------------1-------|-------------------|-1-1-0---|-----1-3-1---1-------|---------1-3-1-0-1-|-------3-|-2-3-------3-2-2-2---|-2-0-2-3-----------|---------|---------------------|-------------------|---------|---------------------|-------------------|---------|---------------------|-------------------|---------|
C F C D7 Dm7 [Groucho] [C]Everyone says [F]I love [G7]you But [C]just what they [Dm7]say it for I [F]never [F7]knew It's [C]just inviting [F]trouble for the [*g#*]poor [Fm]sucker [G7]who says[C]I love you.[D7][Dm7][*G*][G7] Take a pair of rabbits who Get stuck each other and begin to woo And pretty soon you'll find a million more rabbits who Say [C]I love [F]you [C] [E7]When the lion [B7]gets felling frisky And be [E7]gins to [A7]roar [G]There's another [D]lion who knows just what he's [Fm]roaring [G7]for Everything that ever grew The goose and the gander and the gosling too The duck upon the water when he feels that way too says [Quacking]
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