Gruff Rhys - Sensations In The Dark chords

Artist: Gruff Rhys
Song: Sensations in the Dark
Album: Hotel Shampoo

Quite simple three chords with the odd exception.

Verse/Chorus: A         G                 F#m                G

Chorus end: A  G  (slide between the two listen to the song for the rhythm)

Middle section:  E G A  E G D


Once upon a time I took to melody and drank it every night,
A dedicated pacifist;
No fistfights, no antagonistic knocking out lights.

Sensations in the dark

A century of shadows lifted upwards,
And discarded to thin air,
Now I could speak my mind to others' mothers,
Without blushing up to my curly hair,

Sensations in the dark

And with a bright air of madness and flair,
You introduced me to great new ideas,
So you did, so you did, that's right.
Well little, little by little we were pulled apart,
By forced come to play,
Well colour, colour, colour coded I was designated,
Emigrated out of your way,
Though we were pulled apart,
The memories outlast,
Adventures in the past,

Sensations in the dark
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