Gryner Emm - Summerlong tab

Emm Gryner - Summerlong

Bsus2 - x24422
E     - 022100
F#    - 244322
B     - x24442

    Bsus2                          E
She used to be contagious like the blue waves on my wall
   Bsus2                                    E
In nineteen years I didn't know you I still love you for them all
F#                               E
Climbing up the highway crashes, blowing away old dust
       F#                                   E
Do you ever think maybe we're similar, just looking for someone

    Bsus2                             E          (Fill)
All summer long you made me high when I was down
    Bsus2                            E               (Fill)
All summer long the city smiled when you were around
    F#                                 E
And now the summer's gone, I've got to say something feels wrong
    F#                                 E
And now the summer's gone, I've got to say something feels wrong

It used to be infectuous in a continental way Choosing the ghost that haunts you has nothing to do with you today Tangled up for two years straight, I guess the blueprints didn't show Why must you be so dramatic, you don't see you've got to go Chorus Bsus2 F# E Bsus2 F# E You don't know the way I feel about you
Chorus (x2 - first 3 lines first time, all four lines second time) Bsus2 F# E Now the summer's gone, I've got to say something feels wrong Bsus2 F# E Now the summer's gone, and I think I'll end my song B Something feels wrong
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