Guess Who – No Sugar Tonight tab ver. 2

Tabbed by: R8:31b

from the album  American Woman (1970)

GUITAR 1: acoustic guitar, capo at 4th fret
GUITAR 2: electric guitar, no capo, chords listed [in brackets].


INTRO: (acoustic)

C D G A|--------0--3--2-----------------------------||-------1------3----------0--3---2-----------||------0-------2---------0-------2-----------| (x2)|-----2--------0--------0--------2-----------||--3-----------------------------0-----------||--------------------3-----------------------|
RIFF #1: (electric, played w/intro, 2nd time only)
VERSE 1: (acoustic) D Dsus4add2 (repeat) Lonely feelin' deep inside Find a corner where I can hide Silent footsteps crowdin' me Sudden darkness but I can see (play Fill #1)
FILL #1: (electric)|------------------------------||------------------------------||------------------------------||--4---2-----------------------||----------4---2---0---2-------||------------------------------|
CHORUS: (acoustic & electric) D [F#] C [E] No sugar tonight in my coffee G [B] D [F#] No sugar tonight in my tea D [F#] C [E] No sugar to stand beside me G [B] D [F#] No sugar to run with me D [F#] C [E] Dat'n doo dow dow dat'n doo dow G [B] D [F#] Dat'n doo dow dow no no D [F#] C [E] Dat'n doo dow dow dat'n doo dow G [B] D Dat'n doo dow dow (play Fill #2)
FILL #2: (electric)|-------------------------------||-------------------------------||-------------------------------||--4---2------------------------||----------4---2---0---2---4----||--------------------------2----|
VERSE 2: In the silence of her mind Quiet movements where I can find Grabbin' for me with her eyes Now I'm fallin' from her skies (play Fill #1) (REPEAT CHORUS) INTERLUDE: (w/Riff #1)
C D G A|--------0--3--2-----------------------------||-------1------3----------0--3---2-----------||------0-------2---------0-------2-----------| |-----2--------0--------0--------2-----------||--3-----------------------------0-----------||--------------------3-----------------------|
C D G A|--------------0--3--2-----------------------------||-------------1------3----------0--3---2-----------||------------0-------2---------0-------2-----------||-----------2--------0--------0--------2-----------||--0--2--3-----------------------------0-----------||--------------------------3-----------------------|
C D G A|--------0--3--2-----------------------------||-------1------3----------0--3---2-----------||------0-------2---------0-------2-----------||-----2--------0--------0--------2-----------||--3-----------------------------0-----------||--------------------3-----------------------|
C D G A|--------------0--3--2-----------------------------------||-------------1------3----------------0--3---2-----------||------------0-------2---------------0-------2-----------| |-----------2--------0--------------0--------2-----------||--0--2--3-----------------------------------0-----------||--------------------------0--2--3-----------------------|
::NEW MOTHER NATURE:: VERSE 1: (acoustic) D Dsus4add2 (repeat) Jocko says yes and I believe him When we talk about the things I say She hasn't got the faith or the guts to leave him When they re standing in each other's way You're tripping back now to places you've been to You wonder what you're gonna find You know you've been wrong but it won't be long Before you leave 'em all far behind CHORUS: (acoustic & electric) G [B] D [F#] 'Cause it's the new mother nature taking over G [B] D [F#] It's the new splendid lady come to call G [B] D [F#] It's the new mother nature taking over C [E] D [F#] She's gettin' us all C [E] D [F#] She's gettin' us all VERSE 2: Jocko said no when I came back last time It's looking like I lost a friend No use calling 'cause the sky is falling And I'm getting pretty near the end A smoke-filled room in a corner basement The situation must be right A bag of goodies and a bottle of wine We're gonna get it on right tonight (REPEAT CHORUS) (NST and NMN first verses simultaneously) (repeat NMN chorus) (repeat NST chorus and fade out) CHORD FORMATIONS: Acoustic: Electric: ----------------------------------------- D = x00232 F# = 24xxxx Dsus4add2 = x00030 E = 02xxxx C = x32010 B = x24xxx G = 320033 Enjoy!
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