Guided By Voices – When She Turns 50 chords

B* Cmaj7 Fmaj7E-0---0----0----|B-0---0----1----|G-0---0----2----|D-1---2----3----|A-2---3---------|E-2---3---------|
Cmaj7 Fmaj7 Cmaj7 Am D
Cmaj7 B*the tavern's open again
Fmaj7 Dm G Cmaj7the line-up who light up will surely decide the fate
B*of these incorrigibles
Fmaj7 Dm G Fwho plaster their messages up on the interstate
Fm Cmaj7 Am Fwhen she turns 50
Fm Am Di might be dead
Cmaj7 B*but acting happy again
Fmaj7 Dm G Cmaj7go singing his songs about rush-hour traffic jams
B*when the vodka kicks in
Fmaj7 a night at the rockies
Dm G Fdigging in for the slam
Fm Cmaj7 Am Fwhen she turn 50
Fm Am D Dmi'll bake the bread
Em Cmaj7i'll bake the bread
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